a word from the tutor …..

Some thoughts from Graham Bell:

“Are we at the mercy of a misguided management of the ecosphere, or can we take control for ourselves and re-discover its innate abundance? Feed ourselves? Reduce our energy  demands drastically? Build for a low-carbon future? Find a common cause and positive  goals that cross boundaries at home, in our communities, and in the global community?  Whilst leaving the world a better and more beautiful place which we have come to  understand profoundly…

What’s needed is a framework that will guide us – not giving us the answers, so much as   giving us the questions which we can ask to lead us to the answers we need, tailored for  our individual and group circumstances.

Permaculture is a design philosophy. Not a cult, religion or political view. It’s about  profoundly understanding the power of nature which governs all human activity, and developing a series of practical steps that deliver the world we want and need. So  abundant you have left- overs to share. It’s not about self-sufficiency, hard work or hair  shirts.

It’s about doing what you can for yourself, working less but cleverer, reducing carbon  footprint, and being wildly creative. Let’s replace fear with fun and enjoy connecting into  the fabulously rich world we have inherited whilst enriching our lives and the lives of  those around us.

…are you a teacher? You will discover we are all teachers.
…are you a builder? You will discover we are all builders.
…are you a gardener?  You will discover we are all gardeners.
Maybe you know these things already.

Are you creative? Sharing that creativity will be at the heart of this joyous, moving and  practical experience. Come armed with all your worldly wisdom, your skills and  knowledge, your enthusiasms ready to share, your artistic and musical talent, your vision  and your hope.

As much as anything this course is about opening your heart to things you knew already,  but didn’t know you knew. It’s not about me having the answers. It’s about discovering  that you do.”


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