New Clear Power

The heart breaking events in Japan are making people think.

If, God forbid, an accident or terrorist attack happened at our Sellafield , would the fire service be able to tackle the deadly work? If not, would the army be drafted in? Would there be enough brave, death defying emergency workers?

It raises the question of Health and Safety. Nuclear power stations have never been insured because the underwriters consider them too risky. Safety experts in Japan decided it was ok to build on tectonic fault lines. This shows a lack of wisdom in the realm of experts. This is worrying. According to the University of New South Wales, the base fuel, uranium, will run out in twelve years, if the world goes nuclear, which would leave hundreds of new radio-active power stations without a fuel supply. This is not a joke but is being seriously proposed.

The world’s systems are falling apart. We are experiencing collapse and the cause is universal. Energy is becoming less available, more costly and is naturally turning into chaos, as dictated by nature’s laws of physics. Seizing energy with military action only speeds up universal collapse. The late Roman emperors, Julian and Valens proved this well enough. The next urgent debate will be about safe, long lasting energy supplies, which is possible only in a world economy that slows down and uses less energy, a baseload. This debate will include geographically suited renewables and energy from waste built into the entire infrastructure, using hydrogen solar cell technology to store and distribute this energy. The priority must be a conscious conservation of remaining energies, while kickstarting a renewed economical economy.

The world is perfectly charged and primed for abundance in nature. Abundance in natural farming methods for food, forestry for fuels and fruits, water for life, leisure and fruits de mer. We have just spent years of hard work, money, time, taxes and energy damaging it.

If people are wise they will start by demanding funicular railways rather than fatal roadways and real gardens in the ganglands- the politics of enough.

We have to get cracking because, unlike Tokyo, this planet has no emergency exit.

Philip Allen

Lagan Valley Permaculture


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