Public Environmental Network

The World is a Complex & Harmonious Network

In business, networking helps us co-operate with others whose co-operation we might need at another time. It gives us opportunities for advancement in our field and creates a system in which business and individuals can help another succeed.

In Nature, all of life is one big network. Each species helps the others. Every part of the systembenefits form and contributes to the whole. If one member of this network has a serious problem or makes a major mistake, the others are affected and the network breaks down. As the species with the gifts of consciousness and choice, we are responsible for holding up our part of the system, for keeping the network intact. with this responsibility in mind, we can learn to live harmoniously within the network, contribute our share, and receive its abundant benefits.

Veronica Ray

(Green Spirituality)



Public 1. Of or concerning the people as a whole

(adj.)2. Open to or shared by all the people

3. Done or existing openly

4. Provided by or concerning local of central government (public money)

5. Of or involved in the affairs of community

Environment1.Thephysical surroundings, conditions & circumstances in which people live

(noun) 2. The area surrounding a place

3. External conditions as affecting plant and animal life (biotic community)

4. The totality of the physical conditions on the earth, or a part of it.

Network1. An arrangement of intersecting lines(net)

(noun) 2.A group of people who exchange information

3. A chain of interconnected computers or operations

4. A group of broadcasting stations connected for a simultaneous programme

(verb) 1. To establish a network

2. Link (esp. Computers) to operate interactively.

3. Communicate with other people to exchangeinformation



We the people who are not born yet have the right to:

  • Breathe Clean Fresh Air
  • Drink Pure Water that Runs Free.
  • Grow our gardens in rich living earth
  • Share the world, all the birds, animals, trees and wild flowers of your world today.
  • We have the right to inherit a world unpolluted by toxic chemicals, nuclear wastes or genetically engineered livingpatents.
  • We have the right to walk in wild places and feel the happiness of seeing wild animals, birds and swimming fish.
  • We have the right to stand for a moment in the quietness under an apple tree.
  • We have the right to touch conserved historic buildings and wonder how you lived.
  • We have the right to honest work in meaningful jobs, and to enjoy social freedom.

We beg you, the people who live democratically today, do not leave your dirty messes for us to clean up. Do not take technological and genetic risks that might go disastrously wrong and end our nature. We respectfully ask that you do not burden us with debts and collapsed pension plans but mostly we ask you to conserve the planets ecological wealth of timbers, minerals , healing herbs, topsoil, clean water, atmospheric gases, oil, and coal,. Please do not use it all up. Please listen and take responsibility for our world because we are not born yet. When we are born, we will honour and remember you all. When we are alive, we promise to do the same. We will grant these rights to our future children, so they too, can enjoy healthy lives, in the sacred hope that humanity and all other creatures not yet alive can simply live.


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