Baglady Productions -the ASAP Pledge

‘We must stop just thinking plastic bags and energy-saving light bulbs; we must stop filling our petrol tanks, oil tanks and supermarket shopping trolleys without thought for our impact on life elsewhere in the planet.’ (Baglady, 2009)

The ASAP Pledge

Make your contribution to the new ASAP World [As Sustainably as Possible] by pledging to give up one thing, and take up one thing.

It’s dead simple!

Giving up: think about your current lifestyle and

your impact on the planet. Eg: wasting water when cleaning teeth, leavi

ng lights on, sta

ndbys on, taking plastic bags at shops, driving. Choose one thing to give up that is relevant to you.

Taking up: think of one positive thing you can do, with a beneficial effect on our environment. Eg: switch off appliances not in use, buy a reusable shopping bag, choose loose vegetables not pre-packaged, grow something; compost, take public transport more, bike or even walk more.

Baglady is starting a pledge page to show the world what people are pledging to give up, take up. Click on the Icon below, enter your name, place, and make your pledge to give up, take up. Email is optional, but will help us keep in touch. We’ve a lot to do!

Join the first pledger, Lord Mayor of Belfast, Naomi Long, make your pledge and help Stop Climate Chaos.


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