Blythefield Park Allotments

Blythefield Park Allotments is a little oasis of green and pleasantness in inner city Belfast. The site contains 24 individual plots of varying shape and size as well as a communal area around the edge.

The Blythefield allotments are in the Greater Village area in South Belfast


3 Responses to Blythefield Park Allotments

  1. martin mc dowell says:

    I agree with the comment about an Oasis, As a plot holder, this evening I went to see how things were, the first thing i saw as I approached the gate, was the security fence breached a section left open,dureing the winter work was done, and it made a great improvement unfortunately the fence was never secured properly, this has been the chink in the Armour,. as I entered the allotment, my fears were justifyied, several plants were strewn about, my plot is No 5 my next door neighborough No 6 had 4 off small Fruit Trees a Cherry, Pear, Apple and a Plum the Apple and the Pear were away, his Apple and Plum trees had been Dug up, and other Damage, for some reason a Bag of Compost which I had was used to fill in the gaps?, the week before we had intruders, a Lady passing informed another plot holder, unless something is done to secure this Oasis, we will have a blot on the landscape

  2. martin mc dowell says:

    what a really excellent job, the raiseing of the Security fence,by that extra 1.5 Mts has made me and any other plot holders I have spoken to,very pleased, and feeling more relaxed and secure, I have already started makeing preparitations, Tidying up and getting things ready, for planting,hope we have a lovely Year. Once again I Salute those conserned on a really great Job,

  3. martin mc dowell says:

    Plot Holder no 5, Marty says, its now 24th April 2012, Complaints were expressed about the Security Fence, what a excellent Job Done by Council Raiseing it makeing the Allotment more secure, But what I cant understand?, There are some 20 / 22 plots, April is nearly gone, and 70% of them are either, partly covered, or compleatly covered with weeds, others spread over with Covers to prevent weeds, but no sign or effort yet, in makeing ground preparation, less alone planting? One can make excuses about the Weather, which has not been Bad, The mildest Winter for years, I know some plot holders have had personel problems, But Passer Byes, Gaze upon semi Dereliction, Bad Advertisement

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