Holywood Transition Town

Holywood citizens taking steps to prepare for a world of volatile fuel prices and an unstable climate. We have been working mostly on local food issues to date.

We are all accustomed to a lifestyle dependant on cheap energy. But that’s changing rapidly as the curtain slowly falls on the age of oil.

You will have noticed rising fuel costs. The planet does not possess an endless supply of oil, gas or coal. People round the world are using ever more of each but now, oil supply is leveling off. At a certain point the supply will start to decline relentlessly. Gas stocks are close behind. We face a near future where the world has less fuel than it wants. Like climate change this fact will soon become better known.

This has never happened before. Our economies and political systems are set up to create growth based on oil. Think how you depend on cars or buses, plastics and chemicals, medicines, agriculture and food supply. Alternatives like renewables or nuclear will struggle to replace this quantity and variety of work. Coal has climate consequences.

Holywood Transition Town (HTT) set up in 2008 to look at practical ways in which we as a local community can take steps to prepare for a world with much less oil, given the existing backdrop of climate change.

By working together locally, HTT aims to develop new opportunities and solutions for areas such as food, transport, waste, energy and land use where simple changes can make meaningful differences.

We are not some exclusive club of green campaigners with all the answers. Like other Transition Towns, we feel the solutions must lie in tapping the experience, expertise and imagination of our own community.

Through a series of get togethers and events, we have been raising awareness particularly on food issues as our vital food supply is currently heavily dependent on oil for fertilizer and transport.

See a selection of our projects on our facebook page “Holywood Transition Town Local Food Projects”


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